It is now home to the busiest international airport and ninth largest port in the world. Ammar Saif AlMuhairi, Head of Image Processing Section, MBRSC, explained Mosaic imaging system goes through systematic stages of image extraction. We’ll send you latest news updates through the day. The reports suggest that governments may be more likely to incentivise medical research and create dedicated schemes to attract and retain talent to support drug development and vaccine discoveries. Privacy Policy. Of the 7 cities or emirates, Abu Dhabi is smaller in size though it is the capital of the UAE while Dubai is the 2nd largest in area and first in population. The image correction phase is followed by enhancing contrast and various corrections to make sure that all images are free of distortions. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. MBRSC collected images of a specific geographic area through the KhalifaSat at specific intervals ranging from days or months. Register to read and get full access to, By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our Supported by its large oil reserves, the emirate has invested in successive cycles of construction and diversification, which have boosted the city’s global appeal and influence. While Abu Dhabi plays a strategic role in promoting the UAE / China / India corridors, Dubai’s major economic and business reforms have led to significant improvements in its economic competitiveness and status as a global hub. This UAE survey will help you with the costs amid COVID-19, COVID-19: VPS Healthcare frontline staff volunteer in UAE vaccine trials, Man in Dubai forges documents, cheats Saudi businessman of Dh1.4 million, Manager in Dubai charged with sexually abusing female co-worker at Diwali party, UAE extends fine waiver for visa violators, New freelancer licence for UAE residents, citizens, UAE grants 10-year golden visa to certain categories, How expats in UAE help Filipinos affected by typhoons, Why this Afghan man can’t stop thanking UAE, UAE educators, doctors hail new batch for 10-year visa, Bahrain: 3 Indian expats found dead at sewage plant, Spain inflict historic 6-0 defeat on Germany, UAE: Mohamed Bin Zayed receives Bahrain's King Hamad, Iraq: Rockets fall inside Baghdad's Green Zone, US to cut troop levels to 2,500 in Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE’s Hope Probe set to reach Mars on February 9, 2021, Sheikh Mohammed announces 2nd Emirati-made satellite, Sheikh Mohammed announces UAE's new satellite MBZ-Sat, New contest to design humanoid service robots in UAE, Look: Supermassive black hole devours a star. Both on your website and other media. The system is part of the MBRSC’s efforts to support federal and local government entities, research and academic institutions as well as the private sector in understanding the geography, topography and environmental impacts of large areas in the UAE more accurately. This website stores cookies on your computer. Published on UN World Cities Day, the HSBC City Reports on Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Dubai, Istanbul and Riyadh stress the need for city and business leaders to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for more diversified, more digitised, cleaner and greener cities. “While the service currently provides detailed high-resolution satellite image mosaic of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Mosaic images of all emirates will be released soon,” MBRSC noted. The cost of the ticket for the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is 25 AED ($6.81 USD). These measures are having a major impact on the economy. The reports also detail how the pandemic has put a fresh focus on the importance of human health and balanced lifestyles. UAE: Reader tries to cancel credit card, bank asks him to pay extra annual fee of Dh1,500, VFS introduces pre-departure COVID-19 testing in UAE, Getting married? Recent announcement from UAE government NCEMA, the UAE ranked 1st in the number of tests per capita during the months of July and August 2020. High rates of population growth in Dubai over the past three decades have emerged in tandem with economic diversification away from oil, a multi-decade surge in real estate development driven by Government reforms and subsequent international migration and investment. Yousuf Hamad AlShaibani, Director General, MBRSC, commented: “The launch of KhalifaSat’s first satellite image ‘Mosaic’ is of strategic importance to support the infrastructure of all vital sectors in the UAE. “Mosaic” differs from other satellite images as it has higher image resolution and clarity due to the use of Geo-referencing system and other modern technologies.

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