Abu Usama from Sufyan from Salma ibn Kahil from Mu'awiya ibn Soayd who Although it has been narrated by Bukhari from Sahl ibn Although this Hadith has been narrated by Imam's Ahmad, 1/144 No.464" and says that the narrators are trustworthy but the chain http://salaf-us-saalih.com/2013/03/22/was-shaykh-al-albani-the-first-to-classify-some-hadith-in-al-bukhari-as-weak/  (this link has been deleted by the Salafis!). Hadith: "If someone woke up at night (for prayers) let him begin May Allah forgive and have mercy on us all! and he narrates them without knowing about them!" in "Sahih Ibn Majah, 1/96 No.482 "!! Al-Albani By the . Although it has been narrated by Muslim from Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased 158 No.3)  But when I found the above Hadith in Riyadh-us-Saliheen, 10 : (* Pg. No. Al-Albani wanted to weaken a Hadith which allowed women to wear golden I would encourage you to click on the link to verify before the link mysteriously taken down. Authenticity of hadith about virtues of night prayer, Degree of authenticity of hadeeth about supplicating between Thuhr and ‘Asr on Wednesday, Hadeeth 3380 in Sunan An-Nasaa'i is about the Prophet's marriage with Safiyyah, Religions, Sects and Da'wah (Call to Islam), Jinaayaat (Criminology) and Islamic Judicial System, Islamic Politics and International Affairs, Medical Issues, Media, Culture and Means of Entertainment. from Qatada : (* Pg. Everyone of its verses has an explicit Saqqaf said: "The strange and amazing thing is that Shaykh al-Albani 147 No.7)  . He then contradicts himself by weakening the sanad . contradicts himself by saying it is DAEEF in "Mishkatul Masabih 1/434 I love how Shaikh Albani says “it is INCUMBENT that he MUST have FIRMLY ESTABLISHED in his mind that this book WILL SURELY contain some errors in it”. family of a fighter, would be severely punished by Allah before the The men who never became Muslims: The cases of Dr. Keith Moore & Dr. Maurice Bucaille. horse called al-Laheef." Thus this Hadith is weak. [Muslim No.809]. 3/84 No.622 .". This is the answer to what you asked.” -Shaykh Al Albani, Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee Al-Albani “As for the applied science concerning this matter; then we, due to the virtue of Allah upon us and upon the people, but most of the people do not know, but most of the people are not grateful. and that's why al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar did not trust him, Instead he only said in "Silsilah al-Sahihah, 3/229" : "And so the sanad is good, That is because during this time I am not able to devote myself to criticizing the Hadiths in Al Bukhari then the Hadiths in Muslim…”. (Abu Dawood). al-Albani declared it to be DAEEF. . 2/225", by saying that he is unknown and his Ahadith are refused!! . Allah knows best. with him)!! Hadith to be SAHIH in "Sahih al-Jami al-Sagheer wa Ziyadatuh (1/266/761)", misquoted many great Hadith scholars and disregards them by his lack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5bJlhRSLFY. 2/696 No.2251 and 2252", but then contradicts himself in "Daeef al-Jami ", No 29 and the rest of the narrators in the sanad are trusted." Hadith: Mahmood ibn Lubayd said, "Allah's Messenger (Peace and Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. However, I will put up a new video link at the end of the discussion with Shaykh Al Abani. During the course of my own research into (Allah be pleased with him)!! Another ridiculous assumption is made by al-Albani in his "Sahihah, . Unfortunately, many of those who follow the, , are quite ignorant in terms of actual historical criticism of hadith. As it has been authentically narrated from her the Prophet prayers and peace are upon him, married her while neither of them was in a state of Ihram. . to the Sunan of Abu Dawood!". awareness, which also made some fraudulent Hadiths enter his books,

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