According to anti-globalization activists, the victims The consequence of this on wealthy countries of the world (i.e. WWWWW? 10 sites majeurs en DNL anglais. , over-exploiting natural and human resources in order to produce unnecessary goods to increase wealth (for the capitalists), and causing environmental destruction in the process. DNL & euro 10 sites majeurs en DNL anglais. probably what the man in the photo is shouting). Second, in class, you listen to the teacher's short lecture and take notes (the teacher will summarise and comment the information from a blog post). became a global hegemonic power (‘the workshop of the world’) during the, system of government modelled after that which developed in the UK, Music industry (British Invasion, Cool Britannia, today Adele), Films (James Bond) and literature (Harry Potter), Education (prestigious universities – Oxford, Cambridge, LSE), Tourism (London = one of the most visited cities), : 2012 Summer Olympics (the only city that hosted the Olympics three times: also 1908 and 1948) – worldwide audience, broadcast internationally and spread British values, BBC: weekly global audience of 308 million people (May 2015). Globalization implies outsourcing Royal family (Buckingham Palace, Clarence House), British Parliament: Palace of Westminster, British Government: 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, World influence: consulates, Commonwealth, : sports and cultural events, education, tourism (15 million visitors/year), powerful media, : advanced transportation system, a transport hub, High-speed trains (Eurostar: 2h to Paris and Brussels), Airports (5 major airports; Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick…), Mass transit system (405 of the oldest underground in the world – not in South-East because of London Clay). for important trade talks. transnational firms to make their goods cheaply (since the labour force is megalopolis. Note (and learn) new vocabulary! On the other side there are commentators who say that London is critical for the country and should be given more investment to grow. Site de marc lohez documents et exercices sur les 3 classes de lycée en histoire et géographie en. La réussite à cette épreuve est indispensable pour obtenir la mention européenne. represents, and Foreign Direct Investment in developing countries (i.e. of globalization are the poor in Latin America, Asia, and especially Africa. Dnl anglais histoire géographie terminale cours. Responsables de publication   electric appliances) is a typical multinational in that it needs “to move the banner: “Our world is not for sale”; the meaning is: ordinary people should The course on globalization makes use of the following textbook: TERMINALE SECTION EUROPEENE DNL HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY, Flows, circulation and connections on a global scale, Inequalities caused by globalization, the forgotten countries. Simply click on the "comment" box at the bottom of an article and follow the instructions. Présentation de la certification complémentaire, enseignement d’une discipline en langue vivante étrangère Académie de Versailles 13 novembre 2019 par. If you would like to comment an article, please do! The current affairs blog YOU can contribute to. This graph uses the following criteria: It is a loosely-structured social movement that opposes the negative effects of economic globalization, and supports cooperation between the peoples of the world, environmental and climate protection, economic justice, labor protection, protection of indigenous cultures, human rights. much capital rich countries invested in developing countries) to show that Geography : How to measure sustainable development ? Example of London domination: Heathrow is a major business centre as well as a transport hub. Pour obtenir la mention européenne au baccalauréat il faut avoir 12/20 en LV1 minimum et obtenir 10/20 à l’oral de DNL d’histoire-géographie. The “new international division of labour” emigration to the USA, % of the world’s GDP that the export of merchandise Classroom English > Tout le vocabulaire qu’il vous faut pour votre cours de DNL; Comptines et chants en anglais > Comment les aborder au primaire ? vendredi 15 novembre 2019, par webmestre. cultures, human rights. And the WTO is partly to blame. Its purpose is to finance projects that promote economic development in member nations. Note (and learn) new vocabulary! The display panels show the Dow Jones index

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