interesting one.. it sits somewhere between Chanel No 5 and Coty Exclamation!. Definitely a winter scent for me. I have this, and it is rich and opulent, and the vanilla is gorgeous! I tried Boss Orange Sunset and found that to be too linear, this one is subtle class throughout. I like the combination of white florals and vanilla but I will stick with Classique EDT and Organza which to me are more memorable and long lasting. It must be the amber. And the smell was deasapeared in an hour. Sweet and citrusy with intoxicating jasmine and soft almond blossom. Not in a N°5 way, but definitely in a contemporary (although timeless) way. Another IFRA disaster... A beautiful, aristocratic smell, turned into a chemical mess which lasts 1 hour and then is GONE. Once you have it is probable you will had it again when the note in question appear in other perfumes, so you should try to identify it. One of my all-time favorite vanilla-amber fragrances: deep, rich, and mellow. This here is my first and probably my last full bottle blindbuy. That's more or less what I get while sniffing. Supposedly it is discontinued but some times it makes an appearance in stores like TJMAXX, don't know where they get it from. As someone whose skin normally eats up perfume, on me this lasts and lasts and lasts: I tested this early yesterday morning and could still smell it on my wrist late last night. Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. But it's really, really strong! My first spritz was beautifully sweet - not too intense - and instantly triggered a childhood memory. I decided that it was the kind of thing I'd wear if I wanted older women to think that I was older and more mature than I actually am. This is my absolute favorite vanilla. I remember smelling it for the first time when i was much younger; probably it was when perfume was launched; a tester bottle came to me inside a fashion magazine that my mom bought. Not enough warmth to enfold the sense of long-extuingished cigarettes & decay. I thought it has a creamy, warm and oily scent but i just ended up disappointed for it disnt last even 20 min. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. There's a bitterness to it that just seems to emulate the roughness of a perfume from the time. However it doesn’t really project and doesn’t have much personality. It is a fragrance for glamorous women who live under the spotlights, self-confident and elegant, women who know how to draw the attention. On my skin, the dry down is quite balsamic, perhaps from the amber? This is an exceptional quality juice and utterly enjoyable to boot. To me it is the smell of paris. I did not like it when it was released. The fizzy orange soon dissipates, into a lovely almond vanilla, still with some orange scent (no fizziness though.) Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Le Parfum, histoire d'un meurtrier (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer) est un film franco - hispano - allemand réalisé par Tom Tykwer , sorti en 2006 . The two people under me...hit it out of the park. It is not sweet, and is powerful without feeling overwhelming or suffocating. A friend recommended Cinema to me as one of her favourite honey fragrances ages ago and I remember not seeing it registered as a note, however, the floralcy, creamy vanilla and powdery amber smells like nectar recently sapped from mimosas and almond blossoms, doesn’t turn sour, sweaty, dowdy, urinous and ruinous like most other honey fragrances on my skin, so I am now a bee-liever. I think, if you like YSL Elle, you are gonna like Cinema too, as to me, they share the same vibe, even though they have many different notes. Since then I wanted to try it out, but I didn't want to wear the same fragrance as my best friend, so back then I tried to ignore it, then I didn't have the opportunity to try it out on my skin, until today. I absolutely love the drydown as it’s really warm and cozy. I tried to wear this twice and sold it away. I agree that this perfume is an intriguing scent combo. I'm all about the creamy vanilla gourmands, so this popped up on my blind-buying radar (I live in the middle of nowhere Michigan-- where it's also cold). It's the same fruity tartness that fantasy has! Just imagine frolicking in beach water on a very warm day and then making close skin to skin contact with your lover. And I think that's the heart of this perfume. Powdery, warm, inviting and there is this note that makes it the best. A wearable, easy to like vanilla-amber with a dollop of citrus, mainstream scent. I think it smells very much like Gaultier Classique Essence. It's a strong perfume. When I wear this perfume I think about a golden screen very classy actress. I have it available for swap if you like. An agreeable and eager to please vanilla jasmine that I used to love ..... probably due to the attached memories of it being a blind buy at the duty free after a long ago beach vacation. It's difficult to detect other notes. I'd say it's a cuddling/slouching scent. I think KylieBooFace nailed it. is it because the material got more expensive? I don't smell the almonds... but I smell puffy marshmallows. For that reason alone the name is slightly misleading, but the perfume is just gorgeous. Lasts for over 7 hours with moderate sillage (as Cinema is sweet, heavy sillage would made it cloying). it's warm, spicy and a bit sweet. Comes out classy, happy and feminine.

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