The production of plastic furniture takes on a new dimension with the establishment of the TOG – All Creators TOGether in 2014. For Philippe Starck‘s first take on home design in the United States, the result was pretty beautiful. “It’s one of my visions of what the world will be like,” Philippe Starck confides, “A melting pot, a mixture of all civilisations, all ethnicities, all the ways of eating, of doing.”, In September 2014 the Caffè Stern opened its doors in the historical Paris arcade, the Passage des Panoramas. … Every object created is like a letter delivered to us by its creator. Philippe Starck ‘s First United States Mansion is up for grabs, and this is exciting news for every interior design lover! In 2012, in collaboration with scientific adventurer David Edwards, the designer imagined an aerosol, the WAHH, which procures the feeling of being drunk in a single squirt, without the less desirable side effects. So the toothbrush metamorphoses into a friendly landmark in the bathroom, like a nod of encouragement, a work of sculpture all whilst being rigorously functional. “Ultimately it was child’s play, imaginative games, but thanks to various skills, especially engineering, something happened. Au cœur du nouveau Quartier de l'Amphithéâtre Maison Heler Metz sera le premier hôtel entièrement créé et développé par le créateur français depuis un terrain nu en Europe. The hotel project is part of the social, ecological and economic development of Metz, in a new neighborhood dedicated to culture, housing and business. In summer, they prevent your home from over-heating. He has also created several mega-yachts. 4BI & Associés: The Concept Behind Beautiful And Contemporary Design! From 1994 onwards, via his collaboration with 3 Suisses and his historic Maison de Starck an individual mail order house made from wood, Philippe Starck established himself as a pioneer of ecological and democratic architecture, at a time when wooden houses were virtually prohibited. As a prolific and optimistic director he broaches each living space like a theatre piece where a story unravels and where every person becomes an actor, creating a kind of drama sprinkled with surreal acts, which he calls “fertile surprises”. Measuring more than 1m in height, it blends aesthetics and functionality by concealing all the rooftop installations, such as ventilation, drainage outlets and photovoltaic panels, which are inconspicuously installed on the flat rooftop area. Riko manages innovative turn key engineering projects in the fields of energy and ecology, logistics and transportation systems, industry and civil engineering. He takes apart, cleans and dissects design icons in order to identify and extract their structural lines that, to use the words of the creator, “add together to create a new product, a new project, reflecting our new society.” With the Masters, Starck offers his reading of the generic lines of three great designers from the history of design (Eames, Jacobsen and Saarinen). At home. 's energy needs and have a power output of 400W to 1000W of power. He also has the patents for new photo-voltaic surfaces and is working on a tourist concept with no carbon footprint. An unconditional lover of two wheels, Starck sees the bicycle as one of the rare productions of human intelligence that is positive, constructive and beneficial. The elegant tin masks inconspicuously hide the linen awnings. This has always been Philippe Starck’s combat, from democratic design to democratic ecology; he wishes above all to create accessible, ecological objects for the largest possible audience. And this prospective approach was received with interest by the general public: the project was recognised at the Sustainable Luxury 1.1618 Fair with the Prix de Public 2012. A well-rounded creator with a global vision, Philippe Starck strives to give his love of mobility the same exactitude – subversive 20 years ago, essential today – of dignity in relation to our world and our history. According to him, not entirely. Each room features its own personality, as you can see through the touches of color and specific pieces that present specific and live colors, such as the yellow walls and pink chair. Located on Metz’s former freight station, Maison Heler Metz is the most ambitious urban planning development launched in the region for a century. Philippe Starck was born in 1949. The solid wood partition walls in the interior, which give the house a warm appearance and pleasant odor, are made from laminated spruce lamellas. Jean Paul Gaultier entrusted the designer’s imagination to transform his boutiques in Paris, London and New York. “Miss KÔ” he explains, “Is one of the riskiest adventures in the world of hospitality because it is totally phantasmagorical, a sort of crazy evocation of a street somewhere in Asia. His expertise shines way beyond the world of design. From a childhood spent beneath the drawing tables of his airplane building, aeronautic engineer father, he retained a primary lesson: everything should be organised elegantly and rigorously, in human relationships as much as in the concluding vision that presides over every creative gesture. Creation cannot be vain or gratuitous.

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