Graduated: 1977, I enjoyed the Grade 10 AP Math classes and Emily is a great teacher. It was challenging becoming a senior with so much focus on my subjects like maths. Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths) is offered by the IEB as a certified exam and is quality assured by Umalusi. Loved this course! I learnt so many valuable math skills and tricks to use at school. Thank you Trish. The exam is written by learners in their Grade 12 final exams but the programme has been designed to be taught over three years from grades 10 to 12 in order to build the necessary foundation of knowledge in advance. Due to the delay in the 2021 school calendars being confirmed our 2021 dates are not finalised. I would highly recommend AP maths to all students. Icon Key. AP Maths is one of my best subjects! Additionally, I would prefer if more higher level unseen questions were asked in the exams, in order to really expand one's thinking. Learners will be assessed termly to determine their understanding of the subject. This is a great course that will teach you everything about AP Maths. By using our site, we'll assume you're ok with this. Before each lesson, learners will be given notes for their upcoming session to enable them to download and print them or have them available on their device before the lesson. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I enjoyed being able to contact Fabian for help at any time. Learners who choose to work through the programme via studio-produced video lessons will still be guided by an online coach. All lesson, tests and examinations are within both a 3-term and 4-term school calendar, enabling any learner to join with confidence that you will not be required to attend a lesson during your school holidays. AP is one of the best choices made. It was a great teaching environment for me. Advantage Learn has provided schools across South Africa with AP Maths. Secure your competitive edge and get a head start for university. It is a great experience as you can get a one on one contact with the teacher, just as if you were in school. They are friendly and very helpful in the classroom and online. It was an absolutely fascinating course, challenging, but engaging. |, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK. Continue shopping, You can get to your cart any time by clicking this icon in the top of your screen. Use, Terms and our Privacy Policy. Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths) IEB past exam papers and DBE past exam papers. Thanks, Sean Britz. I was able to achieve the best outcome in school maths as a result of doing ap maths with advantage learn. She really brought this subject to life for me, with the extenton questions and extra content she would challenge us with. By using our site, we'll assume you're ok with this. Our library of AP Maths studio-recorded video lessons for your grade, Recordings of the weekly online live lessons, Support from our team of AP Maths teachers via live chat, Termly assessments, reporting and feedback, Start date: 18th January 2020, mid-semester break and end TBC. The course was great! It helped a lot with school math, and I am really excited for grade 11 ! Excellent Lecturing. Advantage Learn NBT, AP Maths and Maths Academy teacher since 2013. I Absolutely loved the courses and can’t wait for next year! We were able to have lessons once a week but also have the online courses so that we could catch up if we were sick or not understanding a section we did.

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