H e told no one about this except his youngest son Jacob. The footstone on his grave reads: "Beneath this stone doth now remain"An ancient man by murder slain.". On July 4, 1896 a tall marble shaft was dedicated to the two neighbors and Patriots in the presence of 10,000 citizens. A Patriot neighbor, Wooldrich Fritz, was also killed by the same band. Lucy learned to speak German while in this German family and she could speak and understand that tongue as she hea rd it spoken then. Having the means to do so, Valentin built for himself and his family a "mansion house" of hewn logs with dimensions of forty by thirty feet two stories high with a massive basement. It was a double door; the upper part could be opened wh ile the lower part remained closed or vice-versa. They were very bitter against him, and planned to take his life. On July 4, 1896, 115 years after the death of Valentin and Wooldrich,t he citizens of the community who contributed liberally to the expense of this tall marble stone honoring these heroes erected a large monume nt. Rachel Legrain Trapani and Valentin Leonard At the boohooMAN Dadju Launch Party at the Institut du Monde Arabe. She declared they had more money than she had ever seen in all her life. The murderers here, also made their escape. This signature is translated as Valladin Leonhardt. “ What is your greatest pride?“asked a user.”The end of my leukemia at the age of 6. On Sept. 2, 1781 a band of Tories came there and shot him. Name translates as Valladin Leonhardt. Book Valentin Leonard. However, he may have owned slaves, as th ey would have been included in the clause, "my personal estate wholly. " Bradley Ellacott. After moving to North Carolina, Valentine became a farmer as his fathe r had been in Germany. Family 1: Anna Elizabeth Wallacher Elizabeth WallacherMarried: 1747 in Philadelphia12Barbara LeonardElizabeth LeonardJacob LeonardMichael LeonardPeter LeonardPhilip LeonardPhilip LeonardValentine Leonard Valentine LeonardSources: Details: Footnote: Keith Wolf, Oregon, 1983. Mannequin Free-lance & Agence depuis 8 ans, basé sur Paris. Other : Records of the German Pilgrim Reformed Church,Davidson, NC. Age 31 ans Hauteur 183 cm - 6'0'' Poids 71 kg - 158 lbs Poitrine 96 cm - 38'' Taille 70 cm - 28'' Hanches 93 cm - 37'' Confection 40 Pointure 42 Yeux Bleus Cheveux Noirs. It is easy to see that the age of Lucy was for more than a hundred years. And I do herebyappoint Jacob Hamm and Philip Sauer whom I likewise constitutemake and ordain the sole Executors of my Last Will andTestament, and do hereby intentionally disallow and revoke allformer Testaments, Wills, Legacies, and Executors satisfyingand confirming this and no other to by my Last Will andTestament in witness whereof I have hereby set my hand and sealthis twenty second day of August in the year of our Lord OneThousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine. From time to time families would drop out and settle down . He lived until the 13th of Sept. before passing away. The ship reached the port of Philadelphia, October 25, 174 6. On the same night another patriot and neighbor, W ooldrich Fritz, was shot and killed in the same manner. ... Leonard, James Leonard, Katherine Leonard, Michael Leonard, Jane Leonard, Reason Leonard, Mary Polly Leonard, Elizabeth Leonard, Matilda... Jan 1 1763 - Rowan Co., North Carolina, United States, June 25 1853 - Blount Township, Vermillion, Illinois, USA, James Leonard, Mary Polly Leonard, Valentine Leonard, Jan 1 1763 - Rowen County, North Carolina, United States, June 25 1853 - Blount, Vermilion, Illinois, USA. Subsequently Leah sold Lucy to an English lady whom she spoke of as "Granny Lowe." Married to Mary Fowler, father of Elizabeth Leonard Young. These men were neighbors though they live d in some cases many miles apart. The bodies ofb oth men are buried side by side in the Old Leonard's Church, now the Pilgrim UCC graveyard. Our line of Leonard' s is descended from his son Michael. A free translation is as follows: "Valentin Leonhardt was born at Ka tzenbach, in the Electorate of Palatine, October 13, 1718, and died No vember 13, 1781. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. While one band of Tories went to Leonhardt's house, another went to the home of Fritz and shot him. Soon after, they felled trees and put up a log building that they called to begin with Leonhardt's Church. She was in Valentin's confirmation class in 1733 in Rockenhausen. Details. Likewise to my beloved daughter Barbara Hege I leave 50ú's ingold and silver to be raised out of my personal estate,likewise to my beloved daughter Elizabeth 50ú's of like moneyto be paid in same form. Killed by Tories. Married to Mary Fowler, father of Elizabeth Leonard Young. He died on 13 November 1781 at the age of 63 in Rowen, NC. Leonhardt was about 58 years old at the outbreak of the American Revol ution, but he did not hesitate to enlist in the American army. From Ray Haupt, Indiv. At this time the church building has been replaced for the third time. By this time, t he English and Scotch-Irish had already settled most of the best land . He lived until the 13th of Sept. before passing away. 'Here now lies a handful of ashes washed in the blood of Christ.' This is a Reformed (German) Church now known by the name of Pilgrim, or Church of the Pilgrims. Peaceful be the slumbers of the brave heroes who sleep beneath th is shaft. Valentin Leonhardt sailed down the Rhine River to Holland where he too k passage from Rotterdam on the ship Neptune with Captain Thomas Wilki nson, arriving at the port of Philadelphia on October 25, 1746. His sons, as is shown by their several wills, were large slaveholder s. Until a few years ago there still lived a very aged colored woman w ho belonged to Philip Leonhardt, one of the sons of Valentin, who came into a large property from his father's estate. 115 E Market St, Long Beach. The inscription on Valentin's tombstone reads as follows: "Valentin Leonhardt, geboren in der Kuhr Pfaltz in Katzenbach den 13 October 1718, und ist in dem Herrn entschlafen den 13 Novembe r, 1781. The clean uncarpeted floor ran red with the master's blood. Suddenly, unexpectedly, a gunshot rang out at the open door; the hero, the gallant soldier fell to the floor. The last battle in which they fought was that of Guilford Court H ouse between Lord Cornwallis and General Nathaniel Greene on, March 15 , 1781, 30 miles from his farm. ...Leonard), James Leonard, Katherine Leonard, Michael Leonard, Jane Leonard, Reason Leonard, Mary Polly Leonard, Elizabeth Leonard, Matilda... Jan 1 1763 - Old, Rowan, North Carolina, USA, Valentine Leonard, Michael Leonard, Unknown Leonard, James Leonard. The bodies of these two soldiers lie side by side in the Leonhardt's C hurch grave-yard. ', The inscription on Valentine's tombstone is written in German. They poured it out on the table in a great heap. A Patriot neighbor, Wooldrich Fritz was also killed by the same ban d. On July 4, 1896 a tall marble shaft was dedicated to the two neighbors and Patriots in the presence of 10,000 citizens. They had brought with them on their trek sout h their Bibles, hymnals, and catechisms. A hundred yards distant from the house was large crystal clear spring that was the source of the drinking water. Reason why the beloved of Rachel Legrain-Trapani, and future dad, has promised his fans to answer sincerely the questions asked online. She s aid she and the other colored people on his plantation had to go to church whenever there was preaching, and that the singing and preaching were in "Dutch" (German). On the forth day of July, A.D. 1896, one hundred and fifteen years after the death of these patriots who died as martyrs to American independence, this handsome monument was unveiled in the presence of ten thousand people. He was a tailor by trade for the years he spent in Philadelphia. They felt from the beginning of their settlement a real and pressing need for a place of worship; th erefore, about 1753 on a fifty-acre tract of land between the plantations of Philip Sauers on the west and Valentin Leonhardt on the east was set aside a site for a church.

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