Pour les conducteurs, qui ont obtenu leur permis depuis moins de trois ans, et pour les conducteurs professionnels ce taux est fixé à 0,2 ‰. In Spain, emergency healthcare is guaranteed in all cases, and is provided in hospitals and in some health centres. As well as the general measures:• Access to enclosures, berths and boats will be staggered.• Rental boats will be disinfected before delivery. If the healthcare authorities suspect you may be infected, they may require you to take a test, and to undergo a period of quarantine is the test is positive. Dans le contexte de la recrudescence des cas de Covid-19 au Portugal, les autorités portugaises ont décrété l’état d’urgence, à partir du 9 novembre 2020. Prioritisation of the use of disposable or individual items. We provide you with useful information on the connections between Spain’s major cities. • Protection of products displayed on the counter. 7. • Encouraging the use of outdoor spaces. As well as the general measures:• Only people with a boarding pass may enter the airport (or people accompanying them if they have a justified need for assistance)• On arrival in Spain you will have to present your signed health control form (see more information in the section “Before your trip”)• Frequent cleaning and disinfection of transit spaces, and use of disinfectant mats.• Drinking fountains may only be used to fill recipients or glasses.• Most airlines have restricted the amount of cabin baggage allowed. Intensification of cleaning routines using products proven to kill the virus, and disinfection of shared items such as pens, sales terminals, or keys after use. Observez le Focus nouveau coronavirus (Covid-19), SUISSE L’Office fédéral de la santé publique OFSP a décrété que toute personne entrant en Suisse en provenance des États et zones présentant un risque élevé d’infection doit se mettre en quarantaine durant dix jours. Voyagez avec l’application Travel Admin Dans les grandes villes et les lieux touristiques, les vols à la tire et à l’arraché sont en augmentation. Sur place, conformez-vous aux consignes des autorités locales. Source: Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (Guides for reducing the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the tourism sector), You can travel to Spain if you are travelling from the European Union, from a country in the Schengen area, or from another country which has a reciprocal agreement with Spain for accepting travellers. In all cases, you must present the health control form (HCF) and a negative PCR test result carried out within 72 hours prior to arrival (in paper or digital format) could also be required, if you are travelling from a high risk country or area. Masks are compulsory on all public transport.Trains:• Measures to facilitate social distancing.• Enhanced hygiene with regular disinfection.• Replacement of head rest covers on all seats after each journey, and increased ventilation in carriages.Buses and coaches:• Cleaning and disinfection routines. Check the average temperatures and the hours of sunshine in different areas and the clothing you should wear according to the season. With our digital brochures and guides, you will be able to discover the best of our cuisine, culture and fiestas. • Smoking is prohibited in the street or in outdoor areas if a minimum distance of two metres cannot be maintained. Vous devrez contacter l’entreprise avec laquelle vous avez effectué la réservation. Tourist with face mask in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, Boy with mask looking at the sunset on La Concha beach, San Sebastian, Tourists using masks in natural surroundings, Above: a couple walking in a marina in Punta Umbría, Huelva ©Agsaz. Il y’a aussi de plus en plus de vols dans les voitures ainsi que de cambriolages dans les maisons de vacances. (Etats-Unis d'Amérique), Royaume-Uni Le DFAE ne peut toutefois ni décider pour eux ni assumer pour eux la responsabilité de la préparation et de la réalisation du voyage. We recommend checking the healthcare and documentation requirements of the country you are travelling to. • Routes designed to facilitate social distancing. (Saint-Siège), Verzeichnis der offiziellen Vertretungen der Schweiz im Ausland, Lista delle rappresentanze ufficiali della Svizzera all’estero, Directory of the official Swiss representations abroad, Services destinés aux citoyens suisses à l’étranger, Droits et obligations des ressortissants suisses à l’étranger, Structure de l’Etat et actualité politique suisse, Informations sur l’entrée et le séjour en Suisse, OFSP : quarantaine obligatoire pour les voyageurs entrant en Suisse, Aide-mémoire de l’institution commune LAMal, Aide-mémoire de la douane portugaise (en portugais et anglais), Risque d’enlèvement dans le Sahara et le Sahel, Recommandations avant le départ et pour le séjour, La contribution de la Suisse à l'UE élargie, Missions policières internationales de la Suisse. Avant d'entreprendre un voyage à l'étranger, renseignez-vous auprès des représentations étrangères en Suisse (ambassades et consulats) sur les règles de transit et d’entrée applicables et sur les autres mesures visant à limiter la propagation du nouveau coronavirus. Vous êtes obligé de pouvoir vous identifier avec votre passeport ou la carte d’identité à tout moment (ou avec une photocopie). ).• Guides or centre staff must attend to individuals or family units. Seuls le Portugal continental, la Suède, ... Bahamas avec visa, test PCR et assurance Covid. First, avoid all physical contact with other people. Everybody aged 6 or over must wear a mask in all public spaces and on public transport.Masks are the only compulsory protective equipment. Prepare for your trip in advance with our useful information on entrance requirements, money, safety, healthcare, opening times, etc. • Social distancing of 1.5 metres at the bar, and tables at least 1.5 metres apart. Stricter limits may be enforced as necessary. There are excellent transport links to our destinations. Etat d’urgence au Portugal à partir du 9 novembre. Instituto português do mar e da atmosfera (portugais et anglais) Proteção civil e Bombeiros Açores, En été, il existe un important risque d’incendie de forêt à de nombreux endroits. As well as the general measures:• The companies organising the activities will coordinate their planning in each area to ensure compliance with hygiene and healthcare measures and social distancing.• Users must be informed of the measures to be followed. Comment faire et comment puis-je obtenir un remboursement? They have been validated by the Ministry of Health and will be reference documents for the creation of standards and protocols at the worldwide level. If you are travelling by plane, you must get your boarding pass online before going to the airport, because you will have to present it to be allowed in.We recommend arriving earlier than usual at the airport, because the security checks and check-in process may be slower than usual. Pour les consultations chez le médecin ou pour les traitements en milieu hospitalier, la carte européenne d’assurance maladie(CEAM) doit être présentée. 4. As well as the general measures:• Staggered access and limited occupancy in tourist coaches, buses and minibuses,• Travellers may not change seats after the journey has started.• Rental cars will be left for longer periods between customers. In all cases, a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours prior to your arrival in Spain is mandatory if you are travelling from a high risk country or area (from 23 November). ), veuillez vous adresser aux ambassades et consulats étrangers compétents. Les situations dangereuses sont souvent impossibles à prévoir et difficiles à cerner, et elles peuvent évoluer rapidement. As well as the general measures:• Limited occupancy in attractions and shows• Installation of hand disinfecting stations in strategic locations.• Hand-operated drinking fountains will be closed. • Use of digital menus or lists of services. We also recommend limiting your contacts as much as possible, restricting them to the same people, and avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people.You can also do a few simple things in your daily routine which will make a big contribution to protecting everybody’s health:• Wash your hands often, with soap and water, for around 40 seconds.• Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow, covering your mouth and nose.• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and avoid handling your mask unnecessarily.• Use disposable tissues and throw them away after a single use, in a bin or wastepaper basket.• If you start having symptoms of the virus, avoid physical contact with other people, and inform the local healthcare authorities immediately via the information helpline of the region where you are.• Always remember the need for social distancing and avoid shaking hands, hugs or kisses when greeting others.We recommend checking the situation at your holiday destination fairly often so you can react if anything unusual happens.

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