Falls das von Ihnen bestellte Buch besonders schwer oder sperrig sein sollte, werden wir Sie informieren, falls zusätzliche Versandkosten anfallen. AbeBooks.com: Mars et Venus lies par l'Amour" - Mars Venus love Liebe Mythologie mythology: Original Kupferstich von Michel Aubert (1700-1757) nach einem Gemälde/Zeichnung von Paolo Veronese (1528-1588). Die Versandkostenpauschalen basieren auf Sendungen mit einem durchschnittlichen Gewicht. 76 × 56 cm. The earliest form of the story that we have appears in Book 8 of the Greek poet Homer's Odyssey, likely written in the 8th century B.C.E. Datenschutz 10. signed and numbered from the edition of 150 in pencil, on BFK Rives watermarked wove paper, printed …. Etching with pochoir in colours. Vulcan agrees and loosens the chains, and Venus goes off to Cyprus and Mars to Thrace. The main roles in the play are the Goddess Venus, an adulterous, sensual woman fond of sex and society; Mars a god both handsome and virile, exciting and aggressive; and Vulcan the forger, a powerful but old god, twisted and lame. In Homer's Odyssey, Venus returns to Cyprus, in Ovid she remains with Vulcan. N.S. Vergütung 6. Other literary connections to the Venus and Mars story, albeit some less strict to the plot, include the first poem William Shakespeare ever published, called Venus and Adonis published in 1593. Salvador Dalí was a leading proponent of Surrealism, the 20-century avant-garde movement that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious through strange, dream-like imagery. About the work. Forum Auctions. Vertragsschluß 3. -- Blatt-Maße: ca 54 x 40 cm. Haftungsbeschränkungen und -freistellung 9. and 4.171 ff. 18 mai 2014 - Mars et Vénus - IIème siècle - Le Louvre Paris. She has been featured by NPR and National Geographic for her ancient history expertise. and His Sources, The play of desire: Vulcan's net and other stories of passion in "All for Love". Gefahrübergang 7. -- Blatt-Maße: ca 54 x 40 cm. 2.680 ff. FA. The Venus and Mars netted story is also significantly mentioned in the English poet John Dryden's All for Love, or the World Well Lost. The Myth of Mars's Hot Minion in Venus and Adonis. Vulcan demands his dowry back from Jove, and Neptune bargains for the freedom of Mars and Venus, promising that if Mars doesn't pay the dowry back he would pay it himself. De même, Mars a pour compagnon Crainte (du grec Deimos) et Terreur (du grec Phobos), qui est l’esprit de la guerre, cruel et agressif. Plattenmaße: ca. AbeBooks Seller Since April 14, 2003 Plattenmaße: ca. 40 x 30 cm. ① Mars est néanmoins le père de Rémus et Romulus , fondateur de la nation romaine. Of course, Vulcan hadn't really left for Lemnos and instead found them and shouted to Venus's father Jove, who came ushering in the other gods to witness his cuckolding, including Mercury, Apollo, and Neptune—all the goddesses stayed away in shame. - Kein Nachdruck! -- gut erhalten. Séduit, par la beauté de la jeune vestale Rhéa Silvia , qu'il aperçut un jour où elle se rendait à une fontaine située dans un bois sacré qui lui était dédié; il la rendit mère, pendant son sommeil, des jumeaux, Romulus et Rémus. Sprache: Französisch Gewicht in Gramm: 1550. Want to sell a work by this artist? . Mars et Vénus eurent une fille nommée Hermione chez les Romains. No copy! Schlußbestimmungen 1. Mars, handsome, young, and clean-built, is irresistible to her, and they make passionate love in Vulcan's marriage bed. -- This is an original! Allgemeines - Geltungsbereich 2. signed and numbered from the edition of 150 in pencil, on BFK Rives watermarked wove paper, printed by Ateliers Rigal, published by Mouret, Paris, with full margins, sheet 760 x 560mm (30 x 22in) (unframed), Please Note: This lot is sold subject to Artist's Resale Right, details of which can be found in our Terms …, Limited-Edition Prints by Leading Artists, Forum Auctions: Editions & Works on Paper (January 2020), La Venus Aux Fourrures Woman With Whip , 1968, Paradise Canto 9: The Sphere of Venus from the Divine Comedy, 1960, Hommage a Albrecht Durer Birth of Venus, 1971, Hommage a Albrecht Durer Venus Mars Cupidon, 1971, Hommage a Albrecht Durer Triomphe de Venus, 1971, La Venus aux Fourrures Woman With Crutch , 1968, La Venus aux Fourrures Woman on Horse , 1968, La Venus Aux Fourrures Woman Holding Veil , 1968, The Sphere of Venus, Paradiso canto 9, The Divine Comedy, 1960, Original Etching "Venus in Furs III" by Salvador Dali, 1968, Original Etching "Venus in Furs I" by Salvador Dali, 1968, Original Etching "Venus in Furs XIII" by Salvador Dali, 1968, The Heaven of Venus, Paradise, The Divine Comedy, 1960, Anenome per anti-pasti, from Florals, 1972, Hippies Suite: Femmes Fleurs Au Piano , 1973, Mythology: Leda and Swan - Leda Et Le Cygne , 1963-1965, Photo Rehasse de Picasso et Manuel Pallares, 1979-1982, De la carpeta El último viaje del buque fantasma, 1976. 40 x 30 cm. Widerrufs- und Rückgaberecht 5. The god Apollo saw what they were about and told Vulcan. - No reprint! Bookseller Inventory # 192416. Then he told Venus he was leaving for Lemnos. Mars et Venus lies par l'Amour" - Mars Venus love Liebe ... Mars et Venus lies par l'Amour" - Mars Venus love Liebe Mythologie mythology. signed and numbered from the edition of 150 in pencil, on BFK Rives watermarked wove paper, printed … Read more. Consign with Artsy. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. 29 9/10 × 22 in. -- gut erhalten. Allgemeines - Geltungsbereich 1.1. Dalí is specially credited with the innovation of “paranoia-criticism,” a philosophy of art making he defined as “irrational understanding based on the interpretive-critical association of delirious phenomena.” In addition to meticulously painting fantastic compositions, such as The Accommodations of Desire (1929) and the melting clocks in his famed The Persistence of Memory (1931), Dalí was a prolific writer and early filmmaker, and cultivated an eccentric public persona with his flamboyant mustache, pet ocelot, and outlandish behavior and quips. Bookseller: Antiquariat Steffen Völkel GmbH || Original copper engraving by Michel Aubert (1700-1757) after a painting/drawing by Paolo Veronese (1528-1588). Vulcan went to his forge and created a snare made of bronze chains so fine that not even the gods could see them, and he spread them across his marriage bed, draping them all over the bed-posts. Gewährleistung 8. - Keine Kopie! The story of Mars and Venus caught in a net is one of the adulterous lovers exposed by a cuckolded husband. In Ovid, the tale ends after the gods are laughing at the netted lovers—there is no bargaining for the freedom of Mars, and Ovid's Vulcan is described as more malicious than enraged. || Dies ist ein Original! Bidding closed. The story also appears in Book II of the Roman poet Ovid's Ars Amatoria, written in 2 C.E., and a briefer form in Book 4 of his Metamorphoses, written 8 C.E. Edition of 150. -- in good condition. “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision,” he said. Eigentumsvorbehalt 4. Address: Seubersdorf, Germany Title: Mars et Venus lies par l'Amour" - Mars Venus... Allgemeine Geschäfts- und Lieferbedingungen / Datenschutzerklärung 1. The gods roared with laughter to see the lovers caught, and one of them (Mercury) makes a joke that he wouldn't mind being caught in the trap himself. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, Drawings of the Greco-Roman Gods and Goddesses, Ancient Greek Flood Myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha, Two Divine Scandals: Ovid Met. Gill is a Latinist, writer, and teacher of ancient history and Latin. Mars et Vénus : Fils de Jupiter et Junon, Mars fait partie de la deuxième génération des dieux olympiens dont Apollon (dieu grec) et Mercure (du grec Hermes ; dieu messager) font également partie. Some scholars say the story is a morality play about how ridicule kills passion, others that the story is describing how passion survives only when it is secret, and once discovered, it cannot last. Seller Rating. 18 mai 2014 - Mars et Vénus - IIème siècle - Le Louvre Paris. When Venus and Mars took advantage of Vulcan's absence, they were caught in the net, unable to stir hand or foot. That is a tale about Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, but Dryden makes it about passion in general and what does or does not sustain it. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: April 14, 2003, Original Kupferstich von Michel Aubert (1700-1757) nach einem Gemälde/Zeichnung von Paolo Veronese (1528-1588). Venus, Mars et Cupidon (from Mythologie Nouvelle) (Field 71-8-H; M&L 487a, 1971.

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